Tuesday, July 27, 2010

cottage feeling by EA

This room at 1010 Ethan Allen grew into me day by day and to my surprise it becomes one of the most chic in my opinion though I'm not a slipcover kind of guy but sometimes when I feel like relaxing I just want to jump and throw my body onto it.
The dramatic artwork called Beach Scene by American Artist Michael Sharp really adds the contemporary feeling to the room.
My favorite piece here is The Coral Pewter Bowl, it really brings modern & sophisticated touch.

love my city of mine - NY

I've always been so increasing abdopted by the constanstly current changing life of New York. These iphonegraphy pictures collections entreprice of mine speak for itself.

Monday, July 26, 2010

color + pattern + texture

I'm so impressed what I have accomplished during this past spring cleaning, I managed to throw... yes laterally threw at least 50 of my old ties that I've been married to over the years.... done... in the dumping area.
I love what I keep though, not only the colors but patterns and textures too. I'm sure... I'm gonna control myself just window shopping

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

relax with blue

I always love blue, blue to me just so peace and calm yet strong and inspiring. When I picked this bedding fabric for client I know right away what wall color and wall paper that works with it.
Well you know I saw this cute lamp shade at Home Goods ( I'm working w compromising budget here ) & I'm sure it works well in the room.

Monday, July 5, 2010

a day to remember

while visiting Harlem Flea Market the other day, I saw this small bananas, not like I haven't seen it in NYC before tons of them in China town but just something reminded my eyes that day, it brought me back to my childhood time. We call it back home in english translation "gold bananas". You'll see why we named it that when you try them, yes its a must try fruit commonly grown in South East Asia,has an exotic taste to it. Most people like to eat is as it but I like to make a bananas fritters with my own recipe and topping.... umm did I see chocalate? one of this day... I promise with pictures for sure but for now don't think gonna last long.