Monday, August 30, 2010

not just a lamp shade anymore

If you think you have the ugliest or old lamp shades, they are probably ugly and old and need to throw them away, pick the right design and refresh the look. Sometimes less expensive shade can light up your room.

2nd re-organized

After that 1st project done posted back April 14, I thought why not carry on with the 2nd closet while summer still around.

my Post-It August Calendar

I decided to create and personalize my own monthly calender this month and turn out to be fun, visually easy to see and got tons of compliment from co-workers. I basically used for my HC=homecall - IS=In Store Presentation - Survey - Off days.
Its from a post-it. It really works and I love it - September? yes for sure

my design tips

I often use coffee table books or magazines to create height when comes to accessorising. Height, texture and color are the 3 great combination in design.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

blank greeting card

I picked this card for a co-worker wedding last Saturday, I know she appreciates it. I'm the guy finding greeting card is just a straight forward thing but find the right words and messages however can be surprisingly difficult. I love blank greeting cards, I could always used the type of words I want to tailor according to the card design. Picking sentiments or words sometimes quote or peom can be very inspirational to me. I love to handwriting onto paper and attaching it to the card, I feel this is really a good comprimise.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

freehand sketching helps

when comes to presentation time, I feel the best way to communicate to my client is through my sketches. As a designer freehand sketching is the most useful tools for any graphic communication even in this computer age, it really helps me build my business effectively.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

my wild rice

History & Folklore of Wild RiceThe Ojibwa and Sioux Indians of Minnesota call it "Mahnomem". The early French explorers in Minnesota and Canada called it Folles Avoines (wild oats). Ironically, wild rice isn't really a rice at all. It is an aquatic cereal grain with a biological technical name of Zizania Aquatica. Manominikegississ is their August Moon, aka rice-harvesting time.Wild rice harvesting is one process that modern technology sitll hasn't touched. The rice is still harvested the same way today as it was years before. It is usually done in a canoe or low-sided wooded boat. One person "poles the boat" through the rice bed while another person in the boat knocks the rice kernels off the stocks and into the boat. How? It's done with two long sticks and with one hand you bend the plants over into the boat and while holding it down, you beat the kernels off into the boat. Needless to say, this person has to be co-ordinated, and also skilled as to not tip the boat over or your entire harvest is all gone.The rice is then taken to the location where it is processed, namely the hulls are removed, cleaned debris, dried and ready for bagging and selling.Only a native American in Minnesota is allowed to harvest wild rice, and so it is usually sold by the Chippewa Indians in the Northern Minnesota area. This might be changed.This article can be found at

a touch of yellow

I moved things around alot as usual, I finally found a perfect mirror couple of months ago and it fits beautifully over my Ethan Allen town house single chest. I just found great accent yesterday, its bright yellow color gives a great contrast over my red coffee table book... ah... perfect together. I need to DIY on the lamp shade, maybe the urn & I'm thinking of replace the art work insert to color from that black & white Eiffel Tower ... I love the frame.

Cucumber Spicy Pickle

What a coincidence! Its a 1st day of Ramadan and here I'm making my first cucumber spicy pickle. I thought it would be an appropiate time to bring back memory. Growing up all love spicy Indian pickle right from the bottle so I decided to make my own way. As an adult I still love it!
Its always much more satisfying making your home cook and no one can take it away from you.
Did I hear recipe???
1. fresh sliced then dried Cucumber
2. raisins soaked overnight with water
3. fresh shallot, garlic & ginger
4. curry powder
5. hot chilli peppers
6. cinnamon stick
7. cloves
8. green apple
well... couples more but can't give away

old is new again

I posted the 2nd picture April 3, 09 called Traditionalist - I do not dislike this old look I just thought I need something new & bit different with my summer mood, hey you never know I might put it back again it depends, right now this new asianic mirror belongs here. Thinking of spray painting... green... green might looks soft and fun.
I still need something flair in the between the lamps.
By the way I know exactly where those 4 artworks going... recycle to different wall for sure, I'm not getting rid of them one of my first DIY. These old have new place and new look...

the way I see colors

another iphoneography from me, not the greatest wish colors were shaper & I'm not getting 4G. Well... I thought all the 3 pictures really inspire me to post more pictures for your inspiration.