Tuesday, October 6, 2009

shoes organizer

It just make me nuts when I see shoes being display in beautiful shoes organizer without disguise. I hate to see those shoes sticking out of that pockets, I don't care they are new or Prada I want it to totally covered when display this way. I came up with this idea simply cover with
color designed tissues.

Come on try this!!!

Lets organize smart

Low End Accents?

I just love accents shopping, I used to think high end accents really make a different in decorating world,not in my world, its just how & where you're planning to display them. I started to look for stuffs I really like at that time and if I don't like it in a month or so I just recycle or give them away to friends. I did too many expensive mistakes in the past. Window shopping always one of my design hobby, the coming of low end design accents mega stores like Target or Ikea really open my eyes that you don't have to be too expensive to decorate... be you.