Thursday, January 7, 2010

update your design

I never satisfied with the setting or placing of accents in my apartment. I always move stuffs around and belive me I can get tired so quickly if I think it doesn't look like right. Its always the case I guess, you have to update you design it doesn't mean you have to buy new or expensive accents but move stuff around. Suprisingly!!! it amaze me sometimes.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

another holidays deco ~ 2009

As you all know I don't celebrate Christmas but I love the spirits of giving and decorating of the Holidays. It just take a creative twist in my design. So many new colors coming up latelty not just red & green kinda colors of the past. I love when the NY department stores like Blooming, Macys and many more unveil their annual holiday windows ~ so full of exciting new fun ideas to see! sometimes I feel like a kid again.
One thing I learn alot from seasonal design is never design or display the samething every year... please never... like I said twist them, switch things around, throw things thats out of style, get new current look.