Friday, April 27, 2007

on budget design

This is the first free design project with an affortable budget I've ever done, well free breakfast, lunch and dinner etc why not? the color is so calm and soft therefore I had to add warm fabric on the large sectional sofa. Entertaining friends and families is one of the client menu in designing his apartment.
The 6' X 9' hallway entrance is a plus for this 1 bedroom apartment. I wanted this are to be bright and welcoming, small brown-coffee frame mirror hanging vertically makes this room appears higher than nine feet.
Black leather dining chairs around rectangular glass table really anchor this open space dining area. We picked this area rug to define this room over the warm wall to wall carpet, again here blue is our primary color. Black and white frames give this room the clean and simple look and can be seen in the entire dining too.
This is the small bar area, I didn't really like the idea of having bar in a small space therefore I refocusing to just another small designing area.