Monday, March 8, 2010

Feel the design of Borneo - Semporna

A quick visit to this small town Semporna located at the most the eastern coast of Sabah ( in Borneo ) Malaysia population approximately 14000 people prominently Bajau one of the most beautifull native of Borneo, can't remember when was the last time I was here... must have been at least 30yr.
What a lovely visit and as you can see if you love colors this is the place... It is a gateway for tourists
Tell me your story....

a must perfect starters

To me and I'm sure most of you designers as well, sometimes it takes hours to figure out how to present my cocktail starters to my guess. It has to be as perfect as I want it be. I got to make sure I use the right plates and colors must work with the theme, I think this is the first thing my guess would see when they get in, they kinda expect that from me I guess.
I took pictures to make sure not to repeat the same set up to the same guess, well we all have circle of friends.

2009 trip - photography

snapped these believe to be in Brickfields in Malaysia on my last trip, thought interesting and I'm not sure if this is a condo or government flat - apartment for low income perhaps

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Monday, March 1, 2010

festive in color

I always looking for a way to create a theme or mood of my food. It is so easier and versatile by simply buying something you love. I always like something with color and a bit of festive and bright patterns, they are popular and everywhere now. Target is still a great place to start perhaps if you are going to collect something less expensive for your kitchen display this place give you a wonderful ideas.

shrimp ribbons pasta

This no-fuss pasta is one of my favorite dish. Prepare probably one or twice a month.Heat olive oil in in a medium size pot over low heat. Add onions and garlics until they turned lightly brown. Add chunked tomatoes,celery and mushroom if you are a mushroom lovers. stir frequently.Just simmer still with low heat and when ready to serve, add shrimps and make sure don't over cook.Serve over Pasta,I don't like to use salt and add black peppers to a taste.

my 2009 trip - photograph

another great beautiful view believe to be in Brickfields as well, can't really verify but sure its a hindu temple. What a colorful one!